Security system design

Security system design

During the process of new building design or a renovation of an existing one it is crucial that security be considered as part of the process.

With more then 10 years experience working with variety of complex and high security environments we provide you the best cost effective solution without compromising your security. All team member at ConsultMe are qualified Security Consultants and Security System Installers by NZSA.

Every design and business is different. We don`t use a specification more then once as every project is different. You can be sure that your security specification is not build up with copy pastes from different projects. We take it seriously and provide you with the best possible solution for your needs.

The typical tasks that we perform during the security planning process are:

  • Identification of assets (physical or intellectual )

  • Identification of possible security threats.

  • Determine of security requirements.

  • Development of security concept.

  • Identification of secure areas, visitor movements.

  • Preparation of building security plan (including but not limited with Doors hardware, electronic security, access control, intercom, CCTV)

  • Provide assistance in developing technical specification sections for security related systems and services such as cash handling, security guarding, control rooms etc.

To provide maximum protection of your information we store your digital data in a high security data center, all hard copies are stored in a secure location. Once we hand over the plans and documentations to you we don`t store a copy of them. We efface all data.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote to learn how can you save money and time with your security system. Security is not an expense, security is an investment.