Physical security assessment

Physical security Assessment

An independent evaluation of your present security program. Identification of key assets and security risks, analysis of your existing security procedures and systems, and development of recommendations for cost-effective ways in which security at your facility can be improved.​

The Physical Security Assessment uses a structured professionally designed process that allows us to develop a deep understanding of your security process and business structure. Our process developed with using our military and high security experience. ​

While our client involvement is vital to successes our consultant drives the assessment.

Every assessment is different, depends on your business, your facilities, and you needs. Majority of the assessments includes the following:

  • Consultation, business introduction

  • Risk assessment

  • Analysis of crime history

  • Review of facility

  • Review of the current security process

  • Physical security system review

  • Review of security management

  • Review of security staff

  • Review of architectural security

  • and lot more

After the assessment we provide you with a full report and recommendations as well as crucial, strategically important development advice. ​

What you can expect when you hire us?

Prior to coming to site we request a number of documents to have the full picture. These typically include plans of the site and buildings, copies of any existing security policies and procedures, samples of various types of forms, company telephone directory, employee handbook, and other similar items. We only want what you already have and using every day.​

Before we meet you, we visit the site taking pictures from outside, watching staff movement and behavior. ​

We would like to interview your senior management, typically CEO, CFO, CIO health and safety manager. Those interviews are not longer then 30 - 45 minutes but gives us a good understanding of your daily operation and your assets.

​When we are on site we would like to talk to you security staff, observe staff behavior when they using Access Control system, alarm system, or handling sensitive documents. ​

We will return at night to check your building. We observe the building from outside, searching for hidden, dark access points, if requested by you we will try to penetrate the building and checking how the security system works. ​

We will update you on every step we make and keep you posted. ​

When we are done with the assessment we will draft a report and send it to you for review. If you would like us to investigate something further before the final report we still can do it. ​

Once the report is done, we will remain available for you in case you need further assistance or recommendation.

Your privacy is our priority.

Security is not what you can buy after a breach happened.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on see what investment do you need to conduct a Physical Security Assessment.